Wroclaw Tour

Fall in love in Wroclaw old town


Wrocław is regarded by many as the most friendly city in Poland. It’s due to satisfying living conditions, wide opportunities for constant development and plenty innovative attractions. The city hit a high scores in different rankings including “the best cities for living”, “the most intelligent cities in the world” or “the best tourist destinations”. In 2016 it has become the Cultural Capital of Europe, which brought plenty of cultural initiatives to the city. Here are some of the most important highlights of Wroclaw:

* Centennial Hall – a reinforced concrete building designed during the times of German Empire. It’s on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites and constitutes an official national monument of Poland.
* Racławice Panorama – a monumental cycloramic painting (120x15m) depicting historical Raclawice battle. It is remarkably realistic due to its unique perspective.
* Ostrów Tumski – a remnant of X-century settlement and the oldest part of Wrocław. It consists of numerous historical buildings and Tumski Bridge – a popular meeting place.
* The Old Ratusz – an impressive monument of Gothic architecture in Wroclaw old town

Visiting Wroclaw old town you’ll for sure meet its small citizens – dwarfs! We can tour the city following taxes of those small creatures. There are over 100 dwarfs located all over Wrocław. Additionally, the city is famous for its numerous fountains and regular Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain Shows. Don’t miss the opportunity to go on a cruise along Odra banks and its idyllic marinas. It’s also worth to visit the oldest ZOO in Poland and the oldest restaurant in Europe – 740 years! located in the centre. Due to several observation decks in the city like John the Baptist Cathedral, St. Elizabeth Basilica, Sky Tower, the Witches’ Bridge, we can admire its beautiful panorama from different perspectives.