Wine&Coffe tasting with workshops

Become a professional in serving of wine and coffee


Would you agree that after one good cup of coffee or one glass of a good wine everything seems to be easier? We do and that’s why we will organise wine and coffee tasting for you with pleasure! Beside familiarizing with an interesting history of those two drinks, you’ll learn how to make them by your own.

Shared coffee tasting with workshops is a perfect choice for coffee connoisseurs, who wants to polish their skills, as well as for amateurs, thirsty for valuable knowledge. Such activity includes several matters engaging all participants. Starting from coffee history, traveling through different cultures of coffee rituals around the world, reaching the secrets of professional brewing (also alternative ones). How about cupping or sensational workshops, during which you’ll learn to differentiate tastes and smells of various types of coffee? You can also master the latte art and make perfect cream patterns on your dreamy cup of coffee. Under the guidance of professionals, you’ll be introduced into the fascinating world of barista, their tips and patents to brew the best coffee. All of these activities are educative and engaging for the whole group.

Shared wine workshops is another option for groups searching for an integrating, useful and pleasant activity. It can be a great choice for waiters, managers, sales representatives or members of restaurant staff. However, such subject can be interesting and involving for everybody, who simply likes good wine! Are you one of them?

During such workshops you’ll discover fascinating history of wine and of most popular wine regions.

Maybe you’ll find out about types of wines or customs of its drinking that you had no idea about. There will be also a practical aspect such wine tasting, appropriate choice of wine type, size of a glass or temperature.

You can also combine wine course and coffee tasting together.