Wieliczka Salt Mine tour

Visiting one of the oldest salt mines in the world


Discover a magnificent underground world entirely made of salt! Tour to Wieliczka Salt Mine is an obligatory destination for every visitor of Southern Poland. This magnificent monument from the XIII century is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the “7 miracles of Poland”.

Tourist Route in Wieliczka Salt Mine has already attracted almost 45 million visitors from around the world! Each year, this number increases making the place one of the best attractions in the country. No wonder it’s so popular – it offers breathtaking views and unforgettable experience. Beautiful chambers, royal chapels, mysterious lakes, salt sculptures – all of this 135 meters underground!

The route starts in a shaft mining which will take you down to Wieliczka hidden world. Then, you’ll follow a professional guide who will take care of you. He won’t let you get lost in the labyrinth of corridors and will be a narrator through your whole journey. You’ll learn about Wieliczka salt mine history and it’s incredible importance for Poland. On the way, you’ll see salt sculptures of various characters, including famous st. Kinga, who brought the tradition of salt mining to Poland. St. Kinga Chapel, regarded as the most beautiful spot in the mine, is also a place of the only underground church in Europe. What’s more, it features a perfect acoustics and hosted concerts of such stars as Nigel Kennedy or Blackmore’s Night.

Following Tourist Route, you’ll pass through 20 various chambers, each with different interior and story. It’s good to take comfortable shoes as the route includes 3 km of winding corridors and 800 steps! The temperature inside the mine is around 15°C. A visit in the salt mine takes around 2,5 hour. There are breaks for toilet, snacks and souvenirs, which you can buy in underground shops. Additionally, you can seat in a restaurant and eat a delicious dinner 125 m underground!