Wieliczka Salt Mine – miners route

An extreme adventure underground


Discover a magnificent underground world of Wieliczka salt mine and feel as a real miner!

Wieliczka Salt Mine is an obligatory destination for every visitor of Southern Poland. This magnificent monument from the XIII century is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of The 7 miracles of Poland. Each year, it it has an increasing numbers of visitors which makes it one of the best attraction in the country. That’s why, the mine implements new attractions for its numerous guests. One of them is adventurous Miners Route.

Dressed up in miner’s uniform, wearing a helmet, equipped with professional tools, you’ll be ready to go! Miners route is an exciting journey through challenging depths of Wieliczka salt mine. Together with an experienced guide, you’ll begin the trip in historical Regis mine shift. He will be your teacher and a leader through the labyrinth of corridors and chambers. You’ll not only walk, but also squeeze through the cracks and climb the ladders.

You’ll discover various duties and impressive abilities of salt miners. All customs and work techniques you’ll familiarize with have its origins as far back as in Renaissance. Armed with professional equipment, you’ll also get some work to do. Your guide will assign the tasks and explain the rules.

Choosing this adventurous way of visiting Wieliczka salt mine you should keep in mind that it involves increased physical effort. The temperature inside the mine is around 15°C so it’s better to take some warm clothes.

An organization of additional attractions, such as photoreport or a dinner after the tour, will be a real pleasure for us! Tell us what you need and we’ll make your journey unforgettable.