Warsaw Tour

Discover Polish capital's charm


Capital of Poland is the biggest and most populous city in the country. It’s a remarkable place in many ways. Not only due to its rich history, but also in view of its impressively fast development. However, beside implementing new technologies in many fields, the city preserves its magic atmosphere of the old days. Warsaw tour can be an amazing experience for everyone.

Although WWII had severely damaged the city (over 65% of buildings!), Warsaw quickly stood up becoming even more powerful. And that’s why it has such unique nature – totally smashed, but rebuilt with unusual precision. Interestingly, many buildings has been reconstructed thanks to the old pre-war photographs.

Here are some highlights you should see during Warsaw tour:

* Royal Baths Park – 76 hectares of picturesque park, where we can find pavilions, villas, monuments and Palace on the Isle. It’s a remnant of Stanislaw Poniatowski reign.
* Royal Castle – since the years dot it served as a residence for Polish king. Nowadays, it constitutes a valuable museum and a monument on UNESCO list.
* Palace of Culture and Science237-meters high and 42 floors make it the highest building in Poland. It constitutes a center of culture, recreation, science and international meetings.
* Wilanów Palace – a baroque royal palace in Wilanów quarter, a national monument, which survived both wars.
* Ujazdów Castle – an impressive 13th century castle in Ujazdów district. Nowadays, its a center of contemporary arts.

It’s impossible to enumerate all places worth to see during a Warsaw tour. Although it’s the biggest urban agglomeration in the city, it has numerous green spaces. There are 88 parks in the city and many of them are located in the city center. There is also much to see by museum lovers – 71 different establishments including Neon Museum or Polish Vodka Museum.

The most characteristic symbol of polish capital is the Mermaid of Warsaw, whose monuments are placed all around the city.

Many crucial figures that went down in history, were from Warsaw, for example Frederic Chopin, Maria Skłodowska – Curie.

Warsaw Tour can be truly fascinating for people from many fields. Such trip can be educative, entertaining and relaxing at the same time. On the other hand, it can provide best services for big companies.