Toruń Tour

The best Toruń attractions


Toruń is one of the oldest city in Poland, full of monuments and history. It is famous for its Toruń gingerbread and Mikołaj Kopernik activity. Additionally, it’s among the leaders of the most beautiful cities in Europe, which attracts numerous tourists from around the world. Toruń, as one of the very few Polish cities, was not destroyed during the WWII. That’s why we can still admire its original medieval monuments. Here are some most important highlights of the city:

* Cosmopolis Fountain – it’s a place of an amazing performance of sound, light and water. It refers to the most important work of Kopernik – “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres”.
* Planetarium – 15-meters dome, inside which one can find whole galactics! It offers spatial astronomical shows, animations and interactive exhibitions.
* Town Hall – one of the most precious monuments of medieval architecture in Europe.
* The Leaning Tower of Toruń – a legendary, medieval building with slightly atypical construction. Standing next to it, it’s not easy to keep your balance.*
* Kopernik monument – nearly 3-meters high statue of the most famous Toruń citizen, who moved the Sun and stopped the Earth.

Toruń wouldn’t be the same city without its gingerbread. We can get them absolutely everywhere in the city, in different shapes and tastes. What’s more, we can discover gingerbread 700-years history and its original recipe in “Living Gingerbread Museum”. It’s also a popular place for company events including team building.