Solina Lake cruises

A group journey on the most popular lake in Poland


What is the best recipe for a dreamy journey for those who admire nature and want to discover one of the most beautiful parts of Poland? Water + boat + sun + mountains + good company = a cruise on Solina Lake.

Solina Lake, located in South-East Poland, is often called ,,the Sea of Bieszczady Mountains”. It covers an area of 22 km² and contains 472 mln m³ of water, which makes it the biggest artificial lake in Poland. Due to its strongly irregular coastline (161 km), it amazes with its diversity and hidden corners. It’s also the most popular lake in the country thanks to numerous tourist attractions and its unique, idyllic surroundings. It’s definitely perfect choice for those who admire sun, mountains and water.

The lake is surrounded by picturesques Bieszczady mountains and Solina dam – the biggest water dam in Poland.

However, the main attraction of Solina Lake is an organisation of lake cruises. Numerous boats offer picturesque passages along the lake coastline attracting millions of visitors every season.

During your cruise you’ll have a chance to see various places characteristic for Bieszczady region. It includes Victorino Bay, Hanged man Tree, Black Bay, Dead Oak or Hare Island.

Additionally, captains of the boats will provide pleasant atmosphere during your journey. The boat buffet will be at your disposal offering refreshing drinks during a hot day.

What’s more, if you would like to lay on the sun at a sandy beach – it’s possible after or before your cruise.

Duration and exact route of your cruise are always tailor made, according to your needs. We can organise lake journeys for bigger groups as well and provide all attractions you need!