Shooting range Krakow tour

Find your target on Krakow tour!


Shooting range Krakow tour is perfect for those, who not only pursue to achieve their goals, but also would like to shoot at them! If you lack an idea for an active and stimulative team building for your workers, you’re in the right place.

Shooting contest for groups it’s not only great fun of healthy competition, but also thrill of holding a gun. Additionally, it can help you to practice your inner calmness and the art of concentration.

During shooting range Krakow tour, you’ll be trained and familiarized with safety rules. Then, short but specific training and you can start your adventure! You’ll be armed with professional equipment composed of gun and headphones. An array of different pistols, rifles and revolvers will satisfy even most experienced riflemen.

Competition usually lasts from 1,5 to 2 hours, but there’s a possibility to to extend it. After results announcement, the best shooters will receive well-earned prizes.

Additionally, after shooting adventure, we can organize a common meal in restaurant chosen by you.

However, the main target of shooting range Krakow tour is not to win the first prize. Its main objective is priceless integration of your employees! Shooting range tour will give them a great chance to spend an entertaining, relaxing day together.