Prague Tour

Visit Prague - the best city n the world


On the one hand, Prague tour will let you discover amazing works of art and architecture. On the other, it will give you a chance to relax in the bosom of nature. Prague is a constant motion, modernity and open-minded people mixed with idyllic landscapes and positive vibes of citizens. Among plenty places to visit, there are some absolute highlights of Prague tour such as:

* Prague Castle – the former residence of kings and the largest ancient castle in the world.
* Charle’s Bridge – built in XIV century, used to was the most significant connection between Prague Castle and the Old Town.
* Vyšehrad – a monumental fort with St. Peter & Paul Basilica and famous Vyšehrad Cemetery.
* St. Vitus Cathedral – incredibly beautiful building that is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague.
* John Lennon Wall – created as an act of revolt, today is a symbol of youth, peace and love.
* Prague Orloj – the oldest working astronomical clock in the world hanging on the Old Town Hall.

Beside beloved Kretk, one of the most significant Prague’s citizens is Franz Kafka. You’ll see that he is still alive in city’s numerous memorials, souvenirs or museums.

Prague is full of atmospheric cafes and bistros, where you can eat best specialities including fried cheese or Czech dumplings. Not to mention, that trying Prague’s beer or absinthe is probably on the list of every visitor. Numerous bars are open far into the night!

Prague tour is definitely a good choice for an integrating group trip. Among the whole spectrum of attractions that it offers, it’s easy to get confused while planning such journey. That’s why we would like to help you and organize your perfect Prague tour. The plan is easy: we arrange – you enjoy!