Lviv tour

Discover amazing Lviv attractions


Lviv (Львів), located in Western Ukraine, is one of the most important cities in the country regarding its cultural and historical significance. Over 50 % of Ukraine monuments are located only in Lviv!

During over 700 years of its existence, it has struggled with plenty of political and social changes. Beside Lviv Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage Site), you should definitely see:

* Lviv Opera – one of the most important objects in the city and an amazing work of art, architecture and statuary.
* Armenian Cathedral – the most beautiful church in Lviv and a symbol of city’s multiculturalism.
* Potocki Palace – one of the most luxurious residences in Ukraine.
* Boom Chapel – an antique chapel and a former mauzoleum with 14 tombs of Boim Family.
* St George Cathedral – one of the greatest buildings of late Baroque architecture.
* The Black House – a Renaissance tenement house located at Market Square.
* Lychakiv Cemetery – the oldest memorial park of Lviv, where most significant Poles and Ukrainians were buried.

The city offers numerous interesting routes focused on specific places or attractions. For instance, “Golden Horseshoe” route will take you through the mansions of the richest lines of Ukraine, while religious trip will present all significant historical sacral buildings.

A trip to Lviv wouldn’t be complete without discovering city’s tastes. Amazing traditional cuisine is being served in numerous restaurants and local bars. In addition, Ukraine is famous for its cheap prices, especially for western nations. Visiting this magnificent city you’ll be amazed with hospitality and openness of its residents.

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