Krakow walking tour

Discovering Krakow with a guide


Discover one of the most attractive cities in Poland under the guidance of local professionals! ! Former capital of Poland has much to offer for everyone. The city is a record-breaker considering number of its visitors 13,6 million visitors only in 2018!.

Together with a local guide you’ll have chance to see the most important objects in Krakow Old Town, which is listed on UNESCO World Heritage sites. First of all, the Main Square – heart of Krakow and a place of the most important events in the city. Surrounded by charming and colourful tenement houses, the perfect square (200×200) is divided by famous Cloth Halls – historical centre of international trade. Right next to it stands the magnificent St. Mary’s Basilica with two towers. From the higher one, one can hear a famous bugle call, played everyday, each hour. Town Hall, Barbican or Jagiellonian University are other objects with fascinating history which you’ll discover during the tour.

Another crucial stop during Krakow walking tour is Wawel Hill with its legendary Wawel Castle on top. Krakow is called “the city of kings” not without a reason. Exploring fascinating history of the castle, you’ll find out why. Wawel Hill is also a home for the well known resident of Krakow – Wawel dragon!

Each district of Krakow has something special to offer:

  • Kazimierz – a Jewish quarter with historical synagogues and charming cafes.
  • Podgorze district – place of former Krakow ghetto and Oskar Schindler’s Factory.
  • Nowa Hutafamous for an utopian socialist architecture, Cistercian Abbey and Wanda Mound.
  • An advantage of having a local guide during your Krakow walking tour is priceless. Especially if you are not familiarized with the city. He will not only inform you about significant history of the city, but also show you local customs and tips how to enjoy stay in Krakow at the maximum. Furthermore, he will take you on a journey of the most popular Krakow legends that are a part of the city and its citizens.