John Paul II Tour

Discovering story of John Paul's life


John Paul II is definitely one of the most recognizable Poles in the world. He went down in history not only as a Pope, but also as a great man. Would you like to find out more about John Paul II through an amazing journey?

John Paul II Tour includes visits in:

Wadowice – It’s a birthplace and a home town of Karol Wojtyła, where he grew up rambling around picturesque area and playing football. You can visit a modern Holy Father John Paul II Family Home in Wadowice and discover story of his youth through multimedia exhibitions. They lead through the whole tenement house with young Pope’s flat in the center representing the life path of John Paul II. Wadowice is also famous for kremowka, often called “Pope’s cake”. You can’t miss the opportunity to seat in pope’s cafe and try his favourite sweet!

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska – A city in Lesser Poland, famous for its Bernardine Sanctuary that is especially important for John Paul II. As a young cleric, Karol Wojtyła visited the sanctuary many times praying and discovering his vocation.

Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Łagiewniki – It’s a vast area of sacral buildings including monastery complex of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, modern Divine Mercy Basilica, chapel of adoration of the blessed Sacrament, Pilgrim’s house and John Paul II Hall. Pope has been visiting the place several times and he designated the church as a shrine. He also beatified st. Faustina – most important saint in Łagiewniki, whose relics are located in the Basilica. One of the most important objects in Łagiewniki is Divine Mercy Painting. It attracts plenty of pilgrims from around the world and is also the most renowned image of Merciful Jesus in the world.

John Paul II Centre – It was founded in 2011 becoming at the same time the first official centre of John Paul II cult. It consists of Church of Relics, Priest Chapel, 8 oratories and 7 chapels. Inside, you’ll find numerous objects closely related to John Paul II including his relics and original slab from his shrine in Vatican.