Incentive travel and history lesson in one

Incentive travel and history lesson in one


Times of PRL (Polish People’s Republic), propaganda, censorship, endless queues and continuous shortage of commodities are fortunately over. However, its 45-years presence in the country could not vanish without a trace. A trace in city’s architecture as well as in nation’s awareness.

Communism trip in Krakow is a fascinating journey through a living history of Lenin’s imperium. See yourself how period of utopian visions and slogans of a “grand unity” and common ownership really looked like.

The main area of the trip is of course Nowa Huta – designed as an “ideal city”. Its utopian, communist nature is visible even in streets and squares layout. They intersect at a right angle falling into the pattern of a pentagon. Ronald Reagan’s Central Square is in the middle of the pentagon and it’s usually a starting point of each communism trip. An obligatory stop during the tour is PRL Museum, which is one of the best museums in the city. Multimedia exhibitions and shows will familiarize you with the reality of communist Krakow, often in very amusing way. Big buildings of Sendzimir Huta and Kombinat are another legacies of socialist realism, about which you’ll hear from a local guide. They had been designed in imitation of renaissance architecture and were colloquially called Vatican’s or Doge’s Palaces. You’ll also learn the history of Rose Avenue, designed as a place of communistic parades and manifestations. Additionally, you’ll discover old-time cafes and bars including famous Stylowa restaurant, where one can feel PRL’s spirit.

Communism trip is chance of a lifetime for an important, often surprising history lesson. Each year, there are more and more travelers from around the world, who wish to see the reality of those paradoxical, yet, not so remote times.