Goldberg machine tour

Challenging and fun team building activity


What is the best entertainment for those with scientific minds? Giving them an intellectual problem to solve!

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist, whose drawings of complex devices became world famous. All his machines, intended to perform simple task in a complicated way, were a perfect example of “domino effect”. In fact, Goldberg tried to prove human aspiration for maximum effort and minimum effect. However, it turned out that building such devices can be really challenging and entertaining activity. In addition, it can be a great lesson of patience and effective teamwork.

That’s why we offer you and your team to join an exciting journey that will challenge your intelligence. One of the main objectives of such action is to build up a team work that is necessary to create a functional machine. Not only it will brisk your minds, but also make you aware, that working in a big company is nothing else than creating a complex machine based on mutual trust. The “domino effect” is in fact passing new ideas that activate further parts of the device and empower your team.

Building Goldberg Machine it’s a perfect idea especially for people from IT business or engineers. However, such intellectual game is a beneficial exercise for each mind of any profession.