Germany Tour

See the best of German country


Germany is a powerful and diverse country. Both in terms of geography and culture. It has Northern Sea and Baltic up north and Alps’ peaks down south. One can find here extensive plains, wide rivers, lakes, forests and grand agglomerations. Also, there are many impressive UNESCO monuments all around Germany.

4000 museums and 370 universities testify for an immense cultural and scientific heritage of the country.

Goethe, Bach and Beethoven are only a few geniuses representing this country of great people.

What to see in Germany?

* Berlin – 890 km 2, 12 different quarters, 3,5 mln residents and at least half as much tourists. German capital offers a whole range of attractions to its visitors. Starting from medieval monuments, through modern galleries and ending up with weirdest night clubs.
* Munich – the capital of Bavaria with plenty of historical monuments and museums which present city’s tumultuous history in very interesting way. It’s a city with many modern attractions (including famous BMW gallery) and well prospering public transport. It’s also a place where renowned Oktoberfest takes place each year.
* Hamburg – a medieval, port, economical and financial centre of Germany. 50 museums, 313 galleries, the biggest miniature model train in the world – it’s only a few attractions among many others that attracts crowds to Hamburg every year.
* Drezden – considering its monuments and architecture, Drezden is called a baroque Florence. The city has been virtually completely rebuilt after WWII damages. We’ll find here the famous Volkswagen factory or Old Masters Picture Gallery.

Germany’s monuments it’s a real paradise for fans of castles and palaces. There are over 20 000 of them all around the country! One can also choose one of German trails – following Alps’ peaks, glacial lakes, shores, Huns, castles or even mills.

Visiting Germany, it’s almost obligatory to try Bavarian culinary traditions and Allgäu cheeses.

Choose the best attractions in the country and discover Germany in your own way. We’ll help you to organize the best group tour, full of unforgettable experiences and views.