Food tour and culinary workshops

A journey through world's tastes


What’s the most important feature of every culture? The are plenty of crucial elements, of course. However, there is one thing that is extremely significant, characteristic for each country and pleasant at the same time – food! That’s why culinary workshops and food tours sell like hotcakes.

Food tour gives a possibility to discover local tastes and customs. A visit in the most popular restaurants/bars/cafes is in fact a chance to meet local people, who can tell you much more interesting things about the country’s cuisine than any guide. We can organise a food tour through best traditional restaurants, best local cafes or best regional patisseries. Maybe you would like to check what is the quality of italian food or indian curry in Poland? Maybe you’re a street food lover and want to visit the best sites with city’s specialities in a good price? Only in Krakow, we can organise a food tour for each district, as they feature totally different delicacies. Such journey can be a great fun and integration for a group of people (especially for hungry ones!) We all know that a good meal can be also a food for your thoughts and pleasant conversation.

If you’re hungry for more, we can also organise various culinary workshops for your team. Under the guidance of professionals, you’ll learn how to cook traditional meals from around the world. In fact, it is one of the most practical souvenir you can get from different country! Learn the secrets of making a perfect sushi, excellent pierogi or how to create real works of art made of chocolate. Additionally, find out about an appropriate behaviour at the table in different countries. Of course, the real icing on the cake of such workshops will be a degustation of the effect of your work.

Eating and cooking together is the best way to spend a pleasant time with each other. Trust us – food toor will guarantee an integration of your team.