Folkshow with traditional Polish food

Discover Polish tastes and culture


How about trying traditional polish food while watching folk dances in a cottage house in the middle of a forest?

Folkshow tour with traditional Polish food is a perfect option for those who wish to explore Polish customs, tastes and temperament! Beside discovering new culture, you’ll spend a lovely evening with your team at wooden table set with best delicacies. Trust us:

good food = good mood
good sensations = good relations

We’ll take you outside the city, to a cottage house surrounded by nature and peace. Inside, you’ll feel an idyllic atmosphere of rural life thanks to amazing decorations and music. After a welcome drink for good start, best chefs will take care of your appetites. Menu with an array of soups, main dishes and desserts will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes! Although Polish traditional food is famous for many meals with meat, there will be vegetarian option as well. Beside main courses, guests will have regional cold and warm buffet at their disposal. They’ll find there an array of local cheeses, sausages or dumplings. Everything accompanied by refreshing Polish beer.

However, the main part will be an amazing folkshow presented by professional folk dancers. Dressed in traditional clothes, they will perform the most popular Polish dances, including krakowiak or mazur. All those dances have very long history but are still cultivated among young people. Dancers will also enhance their spectators to take part in a show! You’ll have a chance to discover local customs in practice, which is an amazing way to feel the spirit of polish traditional food and folklore.

The tour takes around 3 hours and after the show, we will take you home safely.