Dunajec river Gorge rafting

The biggest attraction of Pieniny region


Dunajec River Gorge rafting is a proposal for active ones and for those who need a motivation for an active journey. It’s one of the main attractions of Pieniny mountains, thriving among incentive tours. It will perfectly work out as a team building providing an unforgettable experience.

Rafting is held under care of so-called ‘flisacy’ – local highlanders from Pieniny region. They will take care of your safety during the whole cruise and will be your personal guide. You’ll hear the story of Pieniny National Park and many mysterious local legends. Dunajec River Gorge rafting offers beautiful landscapes including a view of the highest peak of Pieniny – impressive Three Crowns. So called “Janosik Jump” spot is an obligatory stop during the journey. It’s connected with the most famous highlander in history, called Janosik. An old legend says, that he jumped over Dunajec river running away from hungarian enemy.

The journey usually lasts from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the route you choose. According to 200-years tradition, participants travel on a wooden raft, made of 5 spruce logs.

However, you can also go on Dunajec journey using different ways of transport. Beside traditional boat, you can choose a raft or a canoe. They require more effort at paddling and will provide much more adrenaline!

After the journey, we can organise a barbecue at the bosom of nature or a pleasant dinner in a restaurant.