Coaching training

Best personal training for workers in Poland


Coaching has become extremely popular among companies in recent years. There are more and more new personal trainers as well as specialists in the field of soft skills. A big interest leads to a constant diversifying of their offer. They can teach you a valuable skill of cooperation, that is remarkably important for each of us – in private as well as in business live.

We’ll organize a coaching workshops, that will perfectly fit to your needs. It can be a great occasion for your employees’ personal development, which will make your company much more thriving. During coaching workshops, you’ll have a chance to learn skills such as:

* time management
* assertiveness
* autopresentation
* teamwork
* handling stressful situations
* persuasion
* motivating as well self-motivation
* problems solving

That’s not all! We can also organize various trainings for your workers. Sales, customer services, human resources or building up an environmental awareness of your team – all those skills are very precious and need a guidance from experts. Trainings are always conducted by experienced specialists, who will perfectly measure needs of your company.

Each training can be organized in any place you wish: in the most luxurious conference halls as well as in the bosom of nature.