Bochnia Salt Mine tour

A journey to the oldest salt mine in Poland


Salt Mine in Bochnia is the oldest salt mine in Poland and one of the oldest mines in the world. The history of salt mining in Bochnia has as much as 3 500 years! In fact, it stopped digging down only 30 years ago. From that time it serves as an official History Monument, UNESCO heritage site and a magnificent tourist attraction. Bochnia Salt Mine, together with the one in Wieliczka, form Żupy Krakowskie – the only two mines in the world that have been continuously working since Renaissance.

Nowadays, it’s a modern center connecting the past with the present. Visiting Bochnia Salt Mine you can choose between:

* Basic tour – includes multimedia exhibitions through which you’ll discover mine’s history;
* Old Mountains Expedition – 3 km of challenging route through narrow corridors and underground mountains;
* Nature Expedition – a precise look into the geological history of the mine and human activities’ effect on its current form.

One of the best attractions in the mine is underground ferry crossing! Visitors have chance to cross the distance of 120 m in chamber filled with brine.

Among many historical machines in the mine, there is one absolutely exceptional – a steam engine that used to power a shaft mining.

Salt mine in Bochnia is also a popular place among organizers of various events. It includes different sport events, tournaments or concerts, but also business meetings and conferences.