Berlin Tour

Get delighted by German capital


Capital of Germany and its biggest city has much to offer for everyone. It covers 890 km2 and consists of 12 various quarters, 3,5 million citizens and at least twice as much tourists which make it grand from every angle. On the one hand, it’s a paradise for architecture and history lovers. On the other, it is an international centre with plenty of modern attractions and advanced technologies. However, there are some places in the city that are simply obligatory to see during Berlin Tour:

* Brandenburg Gate – the most important historical gate in Berlin, built in XVIII century. Nowadays, it’s a symbol of Peace and Liberty.
* Reichstag buildingNeo-Renaissance grand parliament building with the biggest official flag of Germany.
* Berlin Wall – a symbol Germany partition and of Cold War, one of the most important places for history of the city.
* Holocaust Memorial – 2711 concrete slabs set in a grid pattern, covering 19 000 m² in the city centre.
* Berlin Cathedral – the most significant and one of the largest temples in the city, that will seat up to 1500 persons.

Through Berlin tour not only will you discover its historic highlights, but also many modern attractions of the city. Climb Fernsehturm Television Tower (203 meters high), relax on a tropical island inside the biggest free standing hall in the world or see a grand tubular aquarium inside Radisson Blu.

Did you know that one of the most important and recognizable symbols of the city is a bear? During Berlin tour, you’ll have a chance to meet him for sure. Famous Berlin Buddy Bears that propagate tolerance and understanding between nations has already visited numerous countries around the world.

Don’t forget to try Berlin’s specialities – a currywurst or beloved german pretzels. As the city never sleeps, you’ll also have a chance to experience Berlin’s nightlife.

We would like to make your Berlin tour unforgettable. Just gather your group, tell what you need and don’t bother about hotels reservations, fuel costs or opening hours of every single attraction in the city. Let us help you and just enjoy your trip!