Auschwitz Tour

One of the most important museums in Southern Poland


Auschwitz tour is a visit in the most important Holocaust museums in the world. It has been created in 1947 and to date it serves as a proof of terror, genocide and inhumanity of concentration camps. Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll learn extremely important lesson of the darkest part of WWII history. Only in 2016, Museum in Auschwitz attracted over 2 million visitors. Yet, this number increases each year!

During Auschwitz tour, you’ll see two parts of the former Nazi concentration camp: Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II- Birkenau. It includes 150 buildings, 300 ruins, fences, loading ramp and plenty of archives. There are also rich collections of prisoners’ personal belongings including 40 000 shoes or 3 800 original suitcases. Altogether this huge complex covers an area of 191 ha!

In the first part Auschwitz I, you’ll see the most important administrative blocks of nazi officers. There are also prisoners’ barracks, blocks of medical experiments or places of penalties and executions. Second part <>Birkenau covers 171 ha and contains numerous wooden barracks. It’s also a place of the biggest selections and mass exterminations of Holocaust victims. Over 1 million prisoners died in gas chambers in Birkenau.

Why is it worth going on Auschwitz Tour?

First of all, to become aware of Holocaust and dreadful deeds of humanity. You’ll realize how strong is the power of manipulation and hate. The main objectives of the Museum is to remember history, to commemorate victims and to prevent such events in the future.